这是来自于organize it的周计划模板,他非常喜欢这样的纸质工具,不过对于我们来说难免有些不舍得和不适应,不过不管怎么样,从欣赏的角度出发,或许能带给你一些灵感。

What do I put on my weekly planner? Next actions. It’s that simple. Remember, creating the system itself is the easy part because there are only two rules to follow (you have to make it nippy and keep it simple). What really matters is how you use it and that’s a big issue I will be writing more about in the near future. Gone are the days where I would try and track projects and goals, mission statements and performance scores. In practise it was all superfluous to the actual issue of getting (the right) things done. This weekly planner is an enabler. When I need it, it’s there to help me plan my days, my work and keep track of tasks.

You will notice that there are three sections to the planner. The most prominant part at the top is the hard landscape and covers day (and time) specific next actions. Nothing goes here unless it has to be done on that particular day (and at a particular time, where applicable). If the next action isn’t date specific, it can simply go in the basic next actions box. However, if you have a lot of tasks under a particular context (@phone) or role/responsibility (parent) you have the option of grouping them so it’s all more organizied.





  1. 看上去应该还是比较有用的。简单的东西好,只是携带和备份比较麻烦。

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