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CD 1 - Mastering the Five Stages of Workflow
1. Your entire life is valuable
2. About David Allen
3. The fundamental thinking process
4. Low-tech and high tech gear
5. Staying organized
6. How you decide what to do

The Productive Experience
7. A big ah-ha
8. What do you want?
9. Relaxation-the key to productivity
10. Some project examples
11. Getting control of the open loops

CD 2 - Dealing with Levels of Work
1. Dealing with "stuff'
2. The source of your stress
3. The 40,000- and 50,000foot level
4. The workflow process
5. Collecting Uncluttering Internally and Externally
6. Psychic RAM
7. Simplify your life
8. Emptying your head
9. Three options in dealing with agreements
10. Feeling good about what you're not doing

CD 3 - A Processing and Organizing System
1. A review of what we've learned
2. The ubiquitous capture tool
3. An in-tray at home
4. The workflow diagram
5. Some project flow examples
6. The major reason projects don't move along

Project Thinking
7. Another source of stress
8. Practicing with your mind sweep list
9. Next actions
10. The two-minute rule
11. The converse of the two-minute rule
12. A tip that will get you a huge increase in productivity

CD 4 - Organizing Your Calendar
I. Four major action categories
2. Three things that go on your calendar
3. Hard landscape vs. soft landscape
4. Crafting a vision
5. Checklists

Organizing E-Mail and Filing Systems
6. Emptying your e-mail
7. The weakest link
8. Organizing support material
9. The greatest single bottleneck to productivity
10. A critical tool for successful filing
11. Keep it simple - the alpha system

CD 5 - Putting Your Productivity System Into Action
1. A brief recap
2. Intensity and stress
3. Staying engaged with the process
4. Another way to clear your mind

Systems for Managing Potential Future Action
5. Someday/Maybe
6. Parking items in a tickler file
7. This is all of nothing
8. Keeping the system alive and well reviews
9. The best time to do reviews
10. A workspace at home

CD 6 - Dealing with Procrastination and Setting Priorities
1. Why do people procrastinate?
2. The yuck factor
3, Making a choice - an example
4. Defining your job
5. Focusing on your project list - an exercise

Planning and the Power of Focus
6. Looking at your project list-- an exercise
7. Blending it all together
8. Back to your project list - an exercise
9. Focusing on your project list - some examples
10. How self-talk affects your focus

CD 7 - Planning and the Power of Focus (cont'd)
1. How your self-worth affects your focus
2. The risk of the visionary
3. Brainstorming and focus
4. The "oops" factor
5. An exercise in mind mapping
6. Tools for mind mapping

Discovering Your Purpose for Power Productivity
7. What drives all projects
8. Purpose and mission
9. Evaluating and organizing
10. Next action, next action
11. It's not the people, it's the process

CD 8 - Project Focus
1. Lining up the vision
2. Why are we doing this?
3. How do you know you've been successful?
4. Guiding principles
5. An exercise Establishing Your Ideal Scene,SuccessfulOutcome
6. Moving your thinking to the next stage - an exercise
7. Getting others involved in vour vision
8. Imagination is more important than knowledge
9. More brainstorming techniques
10. More organizing tips
11. The essence of the productive experience

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